Epoxy Flooring: Every Designer's Dream

Epoxy is a material that is used to coat certain things at home. It is strong and long-lasting due to its chemical content made up of a hardener and a resin. For a closer look, you can always go to your basement or the garage because these are the parts of the house that commonly uses epoxy coating. Another thing great about this coating is that oil cannot penetrate it and cause damage. This material is best for flooring purposes especially if that area commonly experiences heavy traffic. Back in the day, only the industrial world uses epoxy for flooring but today, people have come to realize other uses for it, specifically those that involve art and design. While some people still continue to use it to strengthen their floors, other are now using it to beautify their homes. Learn more about  epoxy flooring , go here. 

What is enticing about this material is that when it is used to coat the floor and is all dried up, the finish product is a beautiful, glossy floor. This shine can be achieved using any brand of epoxy but there are some companies nowadays that have embraced the aesthetic purpose of epoxy and added an extra coating on top of the material just to add a little bit more sparkle to it. However, regardless what brand it is, the shine will always be there because all epoxy mix have a built in UV inhibitor added to it that causes the sheen that will last for a long time. Find out for further details on  industrial flooring right here.

The question now is that why is this material catching the attention of many designers? Is it just because of the gloss? Not really. The thing with epoxy is that it can easily be personalized. Back then, the only option you were given with regards to epoxy color is gray. But today, the base coat, the mixture of two chemicals creating the epoxy material, can now have whatever color you could possibly imagine. Think about it. Not all home spaces will look good with gray epoxy even if it does have a shiny finish. With this innovation, designers can put on an epoxy with a color that would best compliment the space they are trying to design. You have to keep in mind though that not every company has embraced the idea of epoxy used to beautify so before you place an order, make sure that the company you are dealing with has a wide array of choices when it comes to the colors of their materials. It is always a good idea to shop online because there are some websites that have an interactive design tool in them. This tool can be used by potential clients to view a certain color and how it might look in a certain room. Wouldn't it be convenient to see the finished product so that you can decide if you like it or not before even making a purchase? Take a look at this link  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epoxy for more information.